Woody Guthrie

Marjorie Mazia met Woody Guthrie in 1942, when he was a member of the Almanac Singers, living at 430 6th Avenue, in Greenwich Village in a communal apartment playfully named Almanac House.

Marjorie was to appear in fellow Graham dancer, Sophie Maslow’s New Dance Group performance of “Folksay”. In an attempt to create something unique, Sophie choreographed a dance to rural roots music.

Woody had recently released his first record “Dust Bowl Ballads” on Victor Records, a 3-disc collection of 78’s consisting of 11 songs in July, 1940. Sophie had selected songs from this recording to choreograph to and when she found out that Woody Guthrie was living in New York City, decided to invite him to play live on-stage for the performance.

Marjorie insisted on going with Sophie. Since hearing Dust Bowl Ballads she had dreamed Woody was a tall cowboy with a Stetson hat…when she knocked on the door, there appeared a 5’6″ wiry guy. She turned to look at Sophie and said, ā€œIā€™m going to marry him.ā€

They were married on November 13, 1945.