My project!

My name is Anna Canoni and my grandmother was Marjorie and this is the beginning of my journey…

My grandmother was many things to many different people. Perhaps you knew her?

  • Did you know her as Marjorie Greenblatt – daughter of Yiddish poet Aliza Waitzman & Isadore Greenblatt – who was born in Atlantic City and grew up in Philadelphia?
  • Or maybe you knew her as Marjorie Mazia, dancer in the Martha Graham Dance Company and teacher to Merce Cunningham and Erick Hawkins?
  • Perhaps you knew her as Marjorie Guthrie; mother to Arlo, Joady, and Nora?
  • Or did you know her as Woody Guthrie’s wife?
  • Did you know her as a counselor at Raquette Lake Girls Camp or Indian Hill Arts Camp?
  • Do you attend the Marjorie Mazia School of Dance in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn?
  • Perhaps you knew her as the woman who co-founded the Woody Guthrie Foundation, supporting the work of like-minded organizations like the Beacon Sloop Club and SingOut Magazine.
  • Perhaps you knew her as the woman who worked and organized neurologists around the globe to come together in the hopes of finding a cure for Huntington’s disease?
  • Did you know of her dream to one day opening an archive of Woody’s materials – to create a place that people would learn from Woody’s life’s work and be inspired to create?

She was many things to many people and this really is the short list.

My goal is to create a place where anyone who knew her can share stories about her. I don’t know what the final outcome will be, but I’m interested in seeing how many of you out there knew about her. So let’s go back in time together and remember Marjorie Greenblatt Mazia Guthrie!

Peace and love,