Remembering Marjorie Guthrie (1917-1983)

My grandmother Marjorie passed away on this date in 1983. Although I was only 4 years old, this is the first memory I have in life. I remember the feeling of her apartment without her in it, sitting on her bed and crying. Marjorie was a huge part of my childhood and I have lived my life carrying her with me everywhere I go. When she passed away she gave me a present, an oversized crocheted piece that said, “the best thing you can give your child is your time.” As a mother, I think of that phrase often as the best rule of parenting.

Grammy, I miss you so much and have delighted in learning more about your life, the relationships you had, and the indelible mark you left on so many of us.

If you have a memory or story that you’d like to share, I invite you to here.