Martha Graham Dance Company

After winning a scholarship to study under Martha Graham in New York City, Marjorie was invited to join the Martha Graham Dance Company – which already included Sophie Maslow, Jane Dudley, and May O’Donnell, among others. As a company member alongside Martha Graham, Marjorie appeared in:

Primitive Mysteries in 1931, choreographed by Martha Graham, Music by Louis Horst

American Document in 1938, choreographed by Martha Graham, Music by Ray Green

Every Soul Is A Circus in 1939, choreographed by Martha Graham, Music by Paul Nordoff

Appalachian Spring in 1944, choreographed by Martha Graham, Music by Aaron Copeland

Now you can watch the original performance of “Appalachian Spring”! Amazingly, this video has been made available on YouTube. This original video was shot in 16mm without sound. The audio you’ll hear was added in from the 1958 film. Hope you enjoy this gem!

Choreographed by Martha Graham
Music by Aaron Copeland
Bride: Martha Graham
Husband: Erick Hawkins
Pioneer Woman: May O’Donnell
Revivalist: Merce Cunningham
Followers: Nina Fonaroff, Pearl Lang, Marjorie Mazia, & Yuriko


Sometimes people don’t know about this period in my grandmother’s life because her professional name was Marjorie Mazia, as she was currently married to Joe Mazia of Philadelphia. As an interesting side note: Marjorie’s sister Gertrude was married to Joe’s brother. The two sisters married two brothers.

After 15 years assisting Martha Graham, Marjorie was asked by Martha to be the first person to teach the Graham Technique. She auditioned and introduced new company members, including Merce Cunningham and Erick Hawkins.